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This site is to uncover, expose and educate restaurants and chefs who are deceiving their customers. It happens all the time, trust me.

As a professional chef and restaurateur I hold very high standards. Every restaurant should be held accountable for the information listed on their menu. But not many restaurants ever get exposed for deceiving guests. And what is worse many guests would never know to begin with or ever ask questions. Let me teach you how. With 20 years as a professional chef and real food advocate I have witnessed a lot of deception when it comes to menus. Is it
really wild, farmed, grass-fed, grain-fed, fresh, frozen, Maine Lobster, Diver Scallops, Red Snapper, the list goes on and on? Most times the chef doesn’t even know. And in many cases the chef does know. These restaurants are charging more and serving cheaper food. You deserve what you pay for!

If you know a restaurant that is in question email me. I will call them and investigate.

I am down-right pissed when I see restaurants take advantage of their guests.
Chef Marcus Guiliano

Book Chef Marcus Guiliano to Speak

Book Chef Marcus Guiliano to Speak
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This Iron Chef & Food Network Star is Doing Something Illegal

I'm so upset when I see chefs scamming guests, especially when they are are on TV.  They have no right scam anyone. It's illegal and doing something about it.  

This video is an educational critique.  I do not know this restaurant or the people there. I am sure that they are nice people with great intentions.  I have withheld their names and concealed their identity.

Food mislabeling happens all the time from stores to restaurants.  As a professional chef myself I am fed up with these thieves, liars and crooks that are ripping off consumers.  So I'm speaking out against chefs, restaurants and companies that are misleading you.  Always ask questions about your food.  It's your right to know what you are eating. It's actually against the law for these crooks to scam you.